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Monday, March 27, 2017

North America's Building Trades Issue Formal Endorsement of Hillary Clinton for President

December 3, 2015
Tom Owens
North America's Building Trades Issue Formal Endorsement of Hillary Clinton for President
WASHINGTON, DC -- North America's Building Trades formally endorsed Hillary Clinton's campaign for President this morning.
"Today, North America's Building Trades are proud to endorse Hillary Clinton's campaign for President," said Sean McGarvey, the organization's president.  "In these times of international strife and uncertainty, our nation needs a leader with the toughness, strength, intelligence and experience to successfully steer the United States through tumultuous waters.  Here at home, we trust that Secretary Clinton will always do what's best for America's working families."
The Building Trades' endorsement closely follows the release of Secretary Clinton’s infrastructure plan, Building Tomorrow’s Economy Today. The comprehensive five-year, $275 billion plan would allocate $250 billion to direct public investment and place $25 billion in a national infrastructure bank dedicated to maintaining the country's competitive advantage in the 21st century economy. The infrastructure plan, which supports an additional $225 billion in financing through the infrastructure bank, would result in up to $500 billion in critical infrastructure investments over the next five years. The Building Trades and "Hardhats for Hillary" will advocate for successful implementation of this proposal in all 50 states so that voters are educated on the choice before them. Together, we can put America back to work.
"Secretary Clinton's work on behalf of Building Trades workers and their families is unquestioned," said McGarvey.  "Her infrastructure plan is further proof that she understands that the state of our nation's infrastructure is a bellwether for the health of the American economy and for the economic prospects of American workers.  We commend Secretary Clinton for putting forth a robust, yet entirely practical plan. She acknowledges, in stark contrast to the other candidates in this presidential race, that this is a national problem which requires a bold, national, and realistic solution, not a pie-in-the-sky dream or a piecemeal approach."
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