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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Veteran's Day Message from President McGarvey

America's greatness is founded in the sacrifice of generations who served before.  On this Veterans Day, America's Building Trades Unions honor and thank our nation's veterans.

Every veteran, past and present - whether they served in wartime or during moments of peace - deserves the deepest and most profound gratitude our nation can muster.

The men and women who have served in the Armed Forces of America have fought for, and some have given their lives, to secure the freedoms we enjoy today. For their sacrifice in service to America, our Nation owes a debt of appreciation that can never be repaid.

For all that our veterans have given to America, and for the service and sacrifice being offered by today's heroes, they have earned our Nation's appreciation and respect. 

On this Veterans Day, take time to thank those in your families, communities and workplaces who have served America and defended her ideals.  Our service members stand continuous watch, safeguarding this nation and offering help and assistance when other tragedies occur - such as the recent catastrophe associated with Hurricane Sandy. 

All too often, the men and women of America's Armed Forces, pay the highest price in defense of our liberty and freedom. We cannot honor them enough.