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Monday, May 4, 2015

BCTD Sec-Treas Booker and H2H Director Roberts Lay Wreath at Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Booker and Roberts were honoring the men and women who particpated in "Operation Urgent Fury," the 1983 invasion of the island nation of Grenada.  Triggered by a bloody military coup which had ousted a four-year revolutionary government, the invasion was necessitated by the need to remove American citizens off the island.

The US Army's Rapid Deployment Force (1st, 2nd Ranger Battalions and 82d Airborne Division Paratroopers), Marines, Army Delta Force and Navy SEALS and other combined forces consisted of the 7,600 troops from the United States, Jamaica, and members of the Regional Security System (RSS)[3] defeated Grenadian resistance after a low-altitude airborne assault by the 75th Rangers on Point Salines Airport on the southern end of the island while a Marine helicopter and amphibious landing occurred on the northern end at Pearl's Airfield shortly afterward. The military government of Hudson Austin was deposed and replaced by a government appointed by Governor-General Paul Scoon until elections were held in 1984.